Monday, December 6, 2010

Scrub a dub dub soaking in the tub... or someone that bought my scrubs are.

On top of having 5 kids, a dog, 10 rabbits in my rabbitry...some of whom are pregnant, a job, a blog, gardening, composting, and baking, Ebay business, I have decided to get a hobby. I have always wondered how women start there own business, and was certain I did not have any good ideas.

 I began making salt and sugar scrubs for my husband during the winter because his skin would get so dry he would itch constantly. So to save my arm from falling off from all the back scratching I made a home made sugar scrub, and it worked wonderfully. The result: smooth soft skin that was moisturized for days. YEAH!

Well, recently my church had it's annual Christmas Bazaar, so I decided to make and sell my home made salt and sugar scrubs, bath salts and powders. The first day I did one was interested, but the next day I placed some samples scrubs in the bath room, and it was a hit. People were able to try my product and realize how wonderful they worked. I did well enough I decided to participate in another bazaar. I woke up excited and ready to go, just to walk out into the SNOW....why Ohio? Why do you have the most ironic weather on earth? Sunny and beautiful and boom snow, and anyone that has ever visited Dayton OH in the rain or snow knows people don't drive well at all, like it's something new they have never seen before. So they just don't get out.

My friend Angie and I had a great time eating soup (10 different flavors...mmm mmm good) and socializing. I was able to make a little money but not what I had hoped. But God has always got a plan, the woman next to me invited to make baskets of my products and sell them at a Quarter Auction.
What a blast. If you have never been, it's great. I was able to actually make money for my products and my husband won a massage all in the same day. Talk about fabulous.

I have decided to name my company Melody of Hope after my beautiful daughters who help me make my products. It's good family time, and helps put a little extra in our pockets for things we need around the house.

I am excited to do another quarter auction, and get my name out there. Who knows between a rabbitry, and hobby maybe I can make a little extra money.


  1. I am not sure what a rabbitry is but I am definitely interested in the sugar scrubs. I will call you about getting some.

    Angie Ivey

  2. LOL. Rabbitry is basically rabbits but a bunch of them. Sounds good. Let me know what scents you are looking for.