Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can I get a C-O-U-P-O-N

We went shopping! We went to two different places, Krogers and Meijers the local favs in Ohio.
Before we start, let me just say if you take your kids take your Husband...or you'll never make it out alive. If you don't take your kids...take your Husband, it goes faster, and it's a fun bonding'd be surprised how fun it is when you save that money and get excited. Hey financial troubles are the number one cause of why not have a reason to celebrate being together over saving money.

It was a little hectic, and we didn't use coupons on everything, but we got it all on sale. Like the green peppers at Krogers were .59 each, which is a great price, so I bought 5 to cut up and freeze for later suppers. The sweet onions were .59 a lb, so I got three of those to cut up for later also.
Meijers has Chef Boyardee 5/5.00 and get a free Hunts pudding pack free (.88 value), but while we were shopping we found the Chef Boyardee Mini Dinosaurs for .76 and you still get the pudding pack free.
Your limited to one per transaction, so I went to the quick scan, and did it twice, and my husband once. So we got 15 cans of pasta, and 3- 4 pack of puddings for less than $13.

We had fun and saved some money.  Our total cost was 90.60, our total coupon savings 80.32. That also includes four $5 coupons we got for buying 4 general mills items at Krogers (which we had coupons for.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Catch up day!

I haven't posted in awhile, because so many things have been happening. My husband went to the hospital, and they went through everything to find out nothing so far. They are treating from Sarcoidosis which is a rare autoimmune disease, but we wont know the results of his biopsy until next week.

We put our faith in God, paid our tithes which was going to leave us with about $100. But we had everything we needed, gas in the car, groceries, and bills paid.  So thankful that God is so good, because he laid it on someones heart to give my husband a card, filled with money. Enough to carry us until he gets his sick pay. Thank you Jesus!

So since he is unable to work, and I only work part time, it was important that we save as much money as possible until he gets back on his feet. So I dived into the disease know as extreme couponing. I have spent 2 hours cutting out coupons, and 3 hours searching the web, and printing out coupons.

I am excited to say that I have found some wonderful coupon sites, and look forward to going shopping and saving as much money as possible. With 5 kids to feed, it was important to get as much as possible and spend as little as possible.

Here are some sites that I really liked :,,,,
They give you all the deals, show you how to get free stuff, and help you save save save.
My personal favorites are, and because you can make a shopping list. If you have a Facebook page, there are plenty of places to "Like" and get coupons, and freebies.

The Krazy Coupon Lady has a wonderful example of how to start couponing with a binder and has printable pages.

Well I have done my research, and ready to go shopping. I will update and let you know how I did.
Don't get discouraged if your just starting, the hassle is worth the savings.