Monday, November 8, 2010

Is Wicked Witch is under there?

So craigslist has an array of things for those who are looking, and I was so blessed to find a Free Shed! I thought how wonderful, I could put my rabbits in there instead of the garage. I contacted the woman, and went over to look at it with my husband in tow. Didn't look bad, hand built, didn't look heavy ....we'll take it.
So the next day we rented a trailer from a reputable rental company, got a couple of people my husband knew, and headed over there. We had the time of our life getting this thing on the trailer. First we couldn't even get into the back yard, we had to unhook the trailer and 4 of us pulled it through the gate. Then we all heave hoed it onto the trailer, and pulled every muscle out of our back imaginable.
Well apparently it was taking to long so my husbands friends ditched us, so we were left with me, my husband, the owner who is disabled, and her son, who had a cracked rib. YEAH! Haha.
We managed to tip it on its roof, to fit it onto the trailer so it wouldn't fly away. We had no tail lights, and it was now 6:30 and dark, so the lady had to follow us home.
I have never been so tired in my LIFE, I went to bed at 9:30, I haven't' done that since I was in high school. JK.
I parked it in the back yard so my nosy neighbor wouldn't see a shed in a trailer in my driveway.
My husband and i got up early the next morning to unload this massive (way bigger than it looked on the ground) shed.
The kids helped us heave it up, and guess broke. HAHAHa, So now I have this huge shed, on it's side and I'm looking for the feet of the wicked witch of the east under it. Now what do we do?

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